Cd rom wont open on mac

Stick a small patch of sticky tape onto a corner of the credit card it's a good idea to NOT do this over the magnetic strip Put the credit card just into the drive through the little dust flap so you can see a little bit inside the drive.

Method 2 – Software and Drivers

There's a lever that lets the disc eject. You'll need to hold the card over that lever, and try to get the sticky tape onto the disc, then pull out the disc with the card. It's a little tricky; you just have to be brave I sometimes use a mini screwdriver to see inside, as well. Method 2 - Screw it—Break the Disc Before trying this method, think long and hard over whether you really want to use the disc you're trying to remove again Repeatedly try using the 'drutil' Terminal command to eject the disc if it's not coming out all the way , and try to catch the disc with either a paperclip or flathead screwdriver.

Try to not damage or scratch your Mac—It's a lot more valuable than a disc! Method 3 - Take Apart the Mac If your Mac is still under warranty, consider bringing it in or calling Apple for service.

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I could try the double sided tape suggestion but from what I've read, that was for having two disk stuck in one drive. I only have one disk stuck and it would appear that I would have to replace the drive anyway. The sticky tape works with either one or two disks, even the "mini" credit card size disks. For weeks my cd drive on my Mac would not release the disc. After trying everything I took it to Mac. Not believing a word of what was said I decided to take my laptop home.

MAC OS X Fix - How to eject stuck cd or DVD

Turns out my daughter had been a little impatient and wanted to watch a Barbie movie right away lol. You may have to open it up if all else fails and open the optical drive. Are you sure of how many disks are in it? What idiot at Apple told you to pry apart the optical drive? Just take it apart.

Why do I hate taking repairs to the Apple Store? They also said that it would take days for the service. Which means sending it off somewhere. If I have good instructions I could do it myself. To bad none exist for my model. The links you provided are the best instructions I've seen. I hear the front glass is very sensitive to breakage, expensive to replace and not easy to remove.

There are no screws. Does it just snap out with suction cups?

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What's holding it in place? Will it go back on tight? The slot drive that's installed is no longer available as far as I can tell. Pioneer does not even have it on their website.

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The disc image shows up on the desktop and I can still play the CD that is stuck in it. Seems to be a mechanical malfunction keeping it jammed. Anyway, I can't find out what model replaces my current optical drive. Can't even find a website that list slot drives for my computer model. The placement of the Display Data cable on your machine is different. To remove pull the cable directly away from the back of the power supply.

Toward the back of the frame, away from you.

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When putting back together, it is easier to disconnect this cable from the screen and plug it into the power supply first then the screen. As for the sticky tape method, I cannot see the disk at all with the felt in the slot, and I really don't know which sided the disc is on.

Front or back side?

Not able to open DVD tray in brand new MacBook Pro - Ask Different

I can slide a card in the slot and feel a mechanism move near the top of the slot when trying to eject. But I still don't know which side the disc is on. I was wondering if the tape method would work if it is lodged in the center for some reason. Or, if a mechanical part is stuck in the way. I suppose I have nothing to lose at this point. I might give this a try. Does this mean the drive should be replaced anyway since it became jammed in the first place? Good Luck.

BTW if this works for you please accept the answer. Troubleshoot first. Sometimes you can eject the stuck disc using Windows commands. But all of a sudden it just stops. Chances are good, that you may have installed a program, application, update, driver, etc. To troubleshoot this, try doing a system restore. A system restore will uninstall several files and changes to your computer that were made within a certain time frame.

If you have just recently upgraded your operating system, this often times can cause some device driver incompatibilities. To do this, you will need to make sure that you have a backup of your driver. Not all drives and burners have this feature.

CD Drive won't open

Use a toothpick, bent paperclip, or needle to push the button. This may or may not pop open the drive. Many people have reported that this does not work. But some have reported that it does.

How can I dislodge a stuck CD from the CD/DVD drive slot?

May the force eject be with you. Close out of all applications and make sure that you have saved anything that needs to be saved. Restart your computer.