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This especially if the macOS Sierra is really good.

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Perhaps I will have to buy a reconditioned or Macbook Pro which are still upgradable. They dropped a ton of macs this time.

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What about the late MacBook pros? Those are perfectly capable machines. But the MacBook Pros??? Very frustrating. I hope somebody at Apple thinks this through and they change the system requirements. They were supporting machines all the way back to with El Capitan. I have heard from multiple people that the old style cheesegrater Mac Pro is still very popular on the Apple corporate campus. So even the employees still like them, despite being quite old. I love my Mac Pro. Its not slow. Totally agree with all the comments about the mid MBP.

I purchase all of these devices only for Apple to restrict me from being able to utilize the new OS just because of the year associated with my MBP, without considering the fact that MANY of us have upgraded our devices in such a way that they work just as well, are just as fast and just as reliable as the newer models. I own the late mini mac and it says. This version of macOS Jeff, same message here.

Yes, this is a major pain in the you know what and will take quite a bit of time to download, however it is possibly a solution for those of us that are certain our upgraded machines will be able to handle the new OS. I do hope Apple keeps El Cap security updates going for a least a few more years. Totally agree. These things are workhorses. Mines been running for several years, even with glitches in Yosemite that finally got ironed out. Did you have any issues with video files being screwed up when you went to El Capitan?

I just want to use my Mac and not have to worry if the next OS version is going to break something or kill performance. How about a new OS every five years and just do security updates when needed? That would be nice. Yes, you are fully expected to buy a new machine every couple of years. Perhaps I will checkout the developer version to see if it will run. I will keep tabs on your progress too.

There are people who are attempting to install MacOS Sierra on unsupported Macs, some are having mixed success but it seems to depend on the Mac in question. This thread on MacRumo Forums shows some current work on the matter. How did you get I thought it required the 64 bit version? I never had a Windows computer or laptop that could run the latest version of Windows smoothly and effectively seven years after the manufacture date of that computer without any major modifications. I am extremely pleased with the longevity of my Apple hardware.

I disagree. I agree with Pawel, If you pay the same amount for a PC as an Apple it will last just as long and you will be able to install the latest OS without any frigs. Apples and oranges. Apple is primarily a hardware developer, and Microsoft is primarily a software developer. XP was supported for nearly 13 full years, from landing on store shelves in Oct til the final discontinuation of support in Apr ! They had to keep the business and government clients happy and Vista was an ugly upgrade.

Thus, Microsoft had to maintain support for so long. Sick of spending time and effort worrying about what will be broken with the next upgrade, which usually adds more and more bloatware, which I neither need nor want. But what about all of the features of Sierra? When El Capitan came out, we discovered that not all of its features were available on some of our older Macs. What about Continuity? Will that work? My Mac is on the list, but the big question to me is what Mac Sierra performance is going to be like.

Performance is almost identical to El Capitan at the moment. So far, only minor graphical glitches and some Siri misunderstandings. So, other than some small bugs that are to be expected with the first developer release, I can say with pretty good certainty that if your Mac runs El Capitan fine now, you should be good come fall when macOS Sierra comes out. Thank you my friend. Much more slowly than the They have to draw a line somewhere. Replace your old spinning hard drive with a solid state drive. I did that with my early macbook pro and it runs better and faster than my friends brand new macbook air.

For my late MacBook, El Capitan has made the beachball show up, and slowed down a few things. I too face this sucking beach ball each time when launching an App. Are you going to update to Sierra? If so let me know how is the performance…. Since then the disk access speed has greatly improved overall performance and feel confident to take the plunge when Sierra comes out. The amount of times I actually see the beachball on my 4GB machine has actually dropped for me.

I have the early macbook pro and was hoping things like universal clipboard and siri would work on mine. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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    Nov 18, AM. Jun 8, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: Yosemite on older Mac mini I have Mac mini that has been running a little slow but genius bar found nothing wrong with it. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: tbirdvet tbirdvet. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. User profile for user: doonphoto doonphoto. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Oct 21, AM in response to tbirdvet In response to tbirdvet When you say it will not run very well can you elaborate a bit?

    Oct 23, PM in response to CindyMacQuestions In response to CindyMacQuestions the main point is that my Mini runs about the same after upgrading to Yosemite so it did not slow down noticeably. I have not experienced any problems yet since that takes time to discover and it varies from user to user … since we each use different features You should NOT upgrade right now … because you have important work to do. ALL upgrades can be dangerous … from the point of view that a program that you need may either act strangely or crash.. AFTER the upgrade you have to assume the worse case scenario.. Yosemite will be available for another 10 - 11 months, so you have plenty of time.

    Yes you could try it next month. User profile for user: loniux loniux.