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Best of all, the app integrates with Calendar, so you can keep your detailed schedule in the Dock as well as access it from mobile devices. Alarms play an important role in every aspect of our lives. For one-off meetings or appointments, set alarms using the Apple Calendar. For everything else to do with work, play, and all the other fun aspects of your adult life, get a Setapp subscription with the apps we just mentioned and make the most it.

How to set alarms and timers on a Mac?

With Setapp , you not only get the four perfect planners and clocks that we talked about, but more than a hundred other Mac apps, all in one suite. How to set an alarm on Mac with the Apple Calendar The Apple Calendar is the place for all things schedule-related, including alarms. Click on the Launchpad , then click on the Calendar app.

Double-click the date that you want to set the alarm on. Right-click your preferred time slot and select New Event. Enter the name for your event, then click on the date and time section. Enter the time that you want the alarm to go off, then click on None next to alert. In the pop-up menu click Custom… , then Message. Click on Message with sound and choose an alarm chime.

Select how many minutes before the event you want the alarm to go off, then click OK. Pick the date and time. Sleep and wake times for Mac You can set your computer to wake up and go to sleep at specific time of the day, or customize sleeping time for when your Mac in inactive: Open System Preferences on Mac. Click on the Energy Saver icon. If needed, add sleeping time as well. Click OK. Schedule events and tasks with alarms If find yourself juggling a lot of different tasks each day, you need to make sure nothing important slips through the net.

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Anyways, we hope this article has been of help, have a good day! Get Setapp. More reads you might like. Your name. Your email. Your password. I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers. Create account. Already have an account? Log in. By signing up, you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Yet, we all use the same hideous alarm clock ringtones. Start waking up to your favorite Spotify tunes and decide your perfect morning mood.

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No need to keep your Mac on all night long. Start your mornings with good vibes and an already ready-to-use computer! Wakefy can handle that too!

Setting a One-Time Alert on Your Mac Device

Just make sure your Mac is connected to power and password-protected login is disabled. You know, having your phone within arm's reach is not going to help you getting up at the right time when you can just hit that snooze button without even opening an eye.

Force yourself to actually get out of your bed and walk to your Mac to turn off the alarm. No more sleeping in because you were so sleepy you forgot to set alarms in your smartphone. Keep working until late on your Mac as you usually do. Your Mac is most likely the last device you use before you start feeling sleepy, so just keep working as always and let Wakefy handle the alarm thing for you.

Every now and then I see a product and think - I can't believe this didn't already exist, makes so much sense. Wakefy is fully designed, developed and mantained by a single indie developer named Javi Ramirez rameerez.